Corwin Bell

Corwin Bell is an artist dwelling at the confluence of science, art, and mysticism. He is a beekeeper, a cultural visionary, and a multi-award winning artist with a broad range of mediums: he is the creative visionary behind the Journey to Wild Divine biofeedback computer game series; the co-founder of Bee Guardians, a natural beekeeping program; a designer of immersive, multi-media audio-visual experiences; and the designer of innovative bee hives that are setting the standard for alternative beekeeping.  In his free time Corwin sings, writes music, and teaches Kundalini yoga.


Through his Bee Guardian efforts, Corwin has received international acclaim for his devotion to the protection, care, health and welfare of honeybees.  Bee Guardians assists people in integrating bees back into our lives, and our backyards, through chemical-free, alternative methods of bee guardianship. Although it embarrasses him, Corwin’s friends and colleagues call him The Bee Whisperer, and his most recent sonic creation, The Light of Hum, is living proof that he has tapped into something astonishing with his unique connection to the honey bee - they have whispered the codes to their secrets.


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